Undergraduate Researchers

Sara Turner

Hello! I am an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto currentlTurnery pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Sociological Studies, Sociology, and Human Geography. I am privileged to serve as a research assistant in my final year with the FEAST research group.

I am currently involved in the research of how equity-seeking groups, especially Indigenous and settler peoples engage with social justice and food system issues as well as the study of food activism. Personal membership in an equity-seeking/racialized group helps inform my perspective of how social injustice can play a key role in the inaccessibility and denial of an equitable share of resources, including food and more, for certain groups of people. Also, my background in Criminology bolsters my ability to understand the complex interplay of societal factors that actually necessitate food activism and the research I now find myself involved in. I hope to contribute greatly to this group and learn along the way.

My contribution to the FEAST research group will also be coloured by my extensive volunteer experience. I have been interested and invested in community service as well as significantly, the preservation and promotion of human dignity, for as long as I can remember. I find it fascinating the way families and diverse communities can band together and organize to meet needs both internally and externally. After taking the Global Food Systems course at the university, that fascination particularly extended to the variety of sophisticated methods different Indigenous peoples apply to food governance. Further, my involvement with the Ronald McDonald House Charities has greatly impressed on me the difference the availability and access to healthy, diverse food choices can make. I am excited to learn more and apply my knowledge on this current and future projects!