Cleveland: A Radical History


“Cleveland: Cold Night, Warm Lights” by Dustin Jamison is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Thanks to a small grant from my department, I’m happy to announce I’ve launched a new project: Cleveland: A Radical History. This is a website hosting a collaborative bibliography that collects resources helpful in understanding the historical geographies of Cleveland, Ohio, from a critical and radical perspective. If anyone wants to contribute they can get in touch.

Check it out here:

Welcome to the FEAST website and blog!

At long last, the Food, Equity, and Activism Study Team (FEAST) website is ready to go.

FEAST is a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council -funded team of researchers who explore the various ways different communities organize around social justice issues, particularly – although not exclusively – in relation to food. We are especially interested in how equity-seeking groups (particularly communities of colour and Indigenous communities) in North America engage with social justice and /or food system issues, as well as how “mainstream” environmental and food activist groups reach out to (and /or work in solidarity with) equity-seeking communities.

In pursuing this research agenda, we want to contribute to conversations about tough issues: for example, ongoing racism, sexism and colonial practices in society, including within groups that are actively seeking social change.

We also want to spend time developing and sharing information about practices – in doing research, teaching, and living our lives – that help contribute to social justice.  We will be writing about all these experiences on our shared blog… so watch this space for future posts!